What is NORML Athletics?

We are a part of the growing movement to showcase the value of cannabinoids when ingested deliberately to improve quality of life. Anyone from evening walkers to elite athletes are encouraged to participate.

NORML Athletics is a nation-wide project that encourages people to join their local NORML chapters of NORML and become involved with health-promoting activities.

Originally, NORML Athletics began as a showcase of celebrity athletes who have come out of the cannabis closet. We began by interviewing several athletes who were ready to tell the story of how cannabis helped them train, recovery, visualize, and generally maintain a healthy life.

Today NORML Athletics has evolved into a program that can be applied at each of the state/local chapters of NORML. The general idea being that exercise is good for health, and so are cannabinoids when dosed properly.

Events associated with NORML Athletics serve two goals:

1) Encourage people to put effort into a healthy active lifestyle and let cannabis be a catalyst in that effort.

Cannabis can remove the discomfort of exercise and make people look forward to running, yoga, hiking, strength training, etc.
This goal centers around public education and coordinating fun community events.

2) Participate in charity events that raise money/awareness for diseases that cannabinoids have been shown to help.

Over 20,000 studies about the safety and efficacy of cannabis have been published to date. The majority of these studies investigate the safety of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have no practical lethal dose and there have been no records of people dying from acute overdose or chronic use.

The efficacy of cannabinoids is well researched too. For instance, the US Government holds a patent titled Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants. An extensive list of studies regarding the efficacy of cannabinoids can be found at the Realm of Caring website here .