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Do you exercise and participate in sports regularly? Do you ingest cannabis for its psychological and biological effects? If so, you qualify to be a NORML Athlete. The organization’s strength is built on a foundation of members who come out and are willing to tell their story to the world. Please consider telling yours.

By answering a few questions, you are helping to create a database of statistics and perspectives that will prove how marijuana can benefit individuals in their sport and active everyday life. You will be a first-hand example of the new cannabis stereotype. You are helping everyone find the right strain, dial in their proper dosage and identify peak life experiences that cannabis can improve.

After you answer these personal questions, you will be given the opportunity to have your biography published on the website (once the “Athlete Showcase” page has been developed).
This form should take about 10 minutes to fill out. It’s OK  to leave some questions unanswered (including your name), but every bit of information you can share is greatly appreciated and highly valued. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help all of us build this cannabis community.