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    • Football & Cannabis
      Post and read this forum for everything related to practicing, playing, and recovering from football. Cannabis can help with visualizing performance, anti-inflamation, neurological protection and superior pain relief that is non-toxic and non-addictive.
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    • Internal Martial Arts & Cannabis
      Cannabis helps a person turn inward and actively encourages self-awareness. The internal martial arts like tai chi, baqua, xingyi, and some forms of kung fu require focused concentration, persistence and drive to carve the hero within. Mixing the two, when done properly, can accelerate the cultivation of self mastery.
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    • Jiujitsu and Cannabis
      This forum is dedicated to the surging appreciation for both Jiujitsu and cannabis. Practitioners who recognize the value (or shortcomings) of the art and the plant are encouraged to post their experiences, preferences, and anything else they'd like to share with the community.
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    • Snowboarding and Cannabis
      Post in this forum if you are comfortable on the snowy slopes and have an appreciation or interest in enhancing the flow with cannabis. The plant has many therapeutic uses for body recovery and always makes for an insightful shift of consciousness whether the activity is enjoyed in solitude or with the culture that put marijuana and extreme sports on the map.
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    • Yoga and Cannabis
      Yoga is a tool to expand awareness, diminish ego, and work the body into a vehicle of spiritual expression. Cannabis' psychedelic properties reduce the sense of self and can make a practitioner quiet the mind while remaining present. The overlap between yoga and bhang has been documented for millenia. Now the west is aware of this fact as both disciplines are gaining strong popularity across the United States.
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