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Fore Twenty Golf Celebrates Portland Cannabis Laws with Tournament

Fore Twenty Golf is hosting a tournament to showcase Portland’s new cannabis market in a healthy and fun atmosphere.

Cannabis is legal to purchase in Oregon without a doctor’s recommendation after July 1, 2015. To initiate an optimistic beginning to Portland’s cannabis community, Fore Twenty Golf and numerous leaders in the cannabis industry are showcasing the benefits of combining cannabis and sports science.

The Fore Twenty Freedom Tournament is an opportunity for Portlanders to come out of the cannabis closet and celebrate the end of a decades long prohibition of a healthy, non-toxic plant. For decades, otherwise law abiding citizens have had to hide their use and rely on the black market for medicine. This upcoming celebration of golf and cannabis allows industry players and individuals to have fun while learning about the many applications of the cannabis plant and how its use can improve quality of life without fear of arrest or incarceration.

Fore Twenty Golf is the brainchild of Matt Enos. Matt wants to showcase that life sports like golf can be improved with deliberate, moderate use of cannabis. As the lazy stoner stereotypes fall away, sporting events that cater to the cannabis enthusiast will become increasingly popular. The organization is giving voice to a growing demographic of athletes who enjoy competition on the course and improving with their favorite strain.

Enos commented that while this is not his first time organizing a golf tournament, the nuances of creating one centered around the combination of cannabis and sports were initially complicated. Once he found the right market in Portland, the timing of this event to coincide closely with the state’s implementation of legal access to cannabis made for a good fit. As the public has embraced full legalization in Oregon, sponsors and people playing in the tournament have been plentiful.

“This tournament is a good way to engage. For one, cannabis is a new industry all across the planet. There have been millions of people participating for decades. Too few cannabis users and patients know each other, because the plant has been underground for so long. Now that people are able to come out of the closet, the Fore Twenty Freedom Tournament is a vehicle for advertising. We’re saying cannabis is a healthy complement to golf. It’s a sport that people can stay engaged in, even in their later years. This tournament showcases the great city of Portland and its embrace of human health with a fun loving spirit.”

US Representative Earl Blumenauer is the tournament’s keynote speaker. Blumenauer is one of the earliest and most outspoken advocates of cannabis law reform. He currently sponsors a bill that would make cannabis legal at the federal level.

Participants in the tournament will be given a host of treats at registration. As each hole is completed industry sponsors will share samples of the products to use and take home.


If you are interested in sponsoring or playing in the tournament, there are a few spots remaining.


Fore Twenty Freedom Tournament

July 20th, 2015

Stone Creek Golf Club

14603 S Stoneridge Dr

Oregon City, OR 97045

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