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ForeTwenty Golf Tournament – September 26, 2016

ForeTwenty Golf Tournament September 26 2016

Fore Twenty Golf Tournaments allow industry leaders to  connect, converse, and share opinions, views, stories, and testimonials in an open environment while enjoying one of the greatest sporting past-times; golf. Join us on September 26th and register to play today on ForeTwenty.com To register click here… To read more about ForeTwenty Golf and this tournament read this article… Read More »

NFL Player Speaks Out on Need for Cannabis Education, Research

I don’t smoke to get high. I smoke to become myself again… Since childhood, Brandon Haw has been playing football. After a stellar career as cornerback playing for Rutgers University, Brandon played in the NFL beginning in 2004. From his earliest memories, he remembers himself as being “happy-go-lucky”. His college years were characterized by discipline with a focus on health and performance. After a while he started getting bouts of depression. Anger began arising too often. The sport was taking its toll on him as it has on others. He knew of no cure. At first Brandon thought his mood ... Read More »

Golf Tournament Promotes Hemp Healing CTE

Realm of Caring - Golf Ball - IMAGE

The Realm of Caring Foundation is hosting a celebrity golf tournament to raise awareness about the benefits of using cannabis to treat CTE – Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The 3rd Annual Realm of Caring Golf Tournament will raise money for further research. The potential benefits of treating CTE with similar hemp extracts is well-documented. While Boston University and the US Department of Veterans Affairs estimate that 96% of NFL players suffer from the neurodegenerative brain disease, there has been little research into the benefits of treating the disease with cannabinoids. The US Government understands the value of CBD as has patented ... Read More »

CannaFit Moves Cannabis Industry Towards Improved Personal Health and Fitness


“Cannabis allows me to be more objective and evaluate a situation from multiple perspectives that are more logical and more compassionate. What else can do that? Nothing. Nothing at all.” Jennifer Ford, President and Co-Founder of CannaFit Website.  She added with half-joking emphasis, “Cannabis helps me to be the person my dog thinks I am.” As the cannabis industry understands its role in health maintenance, online health and wellness platforms like CannaFit will encourage users of the plant to be mindful of their cannabis dosing and combine this dosing with proper diet, exercise and nutrition to maximize beneficial aspects of ... Read More »

Fore Twenty Golf Celebrates Portland Cannabis Laws with Tournament


Fore Twenty Golf is hosting a tournament to showcase Portland’s new cannabis market in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Cannabis is legal to purchase in Oregon without a doctor’s recommendation after July 1, 2015. To initiate an optimistic beginning to Portland’s cannabis community, Fore Twenty Golf and numerous leaders in the cannabis industry are showcasing the benefits of combining cannabis and sports science. The Fore Twenty Freedom Tournament is an opportunity for Portlanders to come out of the cannabis closet and celebrate the end of a decades long prohibition of a healthy, non-toxic plant. For decades, otherwise law abiding citizens ... Read More »

Riley Cote’s Foundation Uses Cannabis As Cornerstone of Healthy Living


Cannabis has suppressed my ego, and it’s feeding my spirit. My purpose is much more clear, and cannabis is in the middle of it all. Riley Cote is a man with conviction. Years of professional hockey, fighting, recovering, and watching his sister deal with multiple sclerosis made him see the ills life can offer and how to fix it. Riley saw how various strains of cannabis offered many opportunities for improved health and personal insight. Once his sister began successfully treating her multiple sclerosis with a measured intake of natural foods and cannabis, Riley’s mission came into focus. He sees ... Read More »

Greta Gaines – Extreme Snowboarder, Musician, Entrepreneur, Cannabis Activist


“I’ve seen the plant treat neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, severe menstrual problems, Crohn’s Disease, chronic pain, skin cancers, insomnia, and anxiety. Seeing is believing!” Introducing Greta, Extreme Sports and Cannabis Greta Gaines has reached celebrity status in several disciplines. After winning the World Extreme Snowboard Competition, she has produced five southern rock albums, hosted her own show on Oxygen, and has been an ESPN correspondent. She was raised in an environment of fame and influence. Her father is author of Pumping Iron and Stay Hungry, she was classmates with Uma Thurman, and the family’s farm was frequently visited by actors ... Read More »

Nate Jackson Discusses the NFL, Cannabis, and Changing Stigmas


“I was able to access those types of visualization techniques a lot easier when I was high.” Nate Jackson played tight end in the NFL for the Denver Broncos for six years and throughout his entire college and high school careers. During that time he learned to thrive in the grueling demands of maintaining peak physical fitness and to adapt to the violent nature of a sport that uses a man’s head as a weapon and often a target. In this exclusive interview with NORML Athletics, Nate opens up about how he balanced his marijuana use off the field as ... Read More »

Avery Collins Discusses Ultra-Marathon Running and Cannabis

image_Avery Collins_road running sponsor 660x330

“Marijuana will definitely pull out the creativity. With running, it makes the blues bluer, and the greens greener.” Firsts with Ultra-marathon Running and Cannabis After Avery’s gym membership expired, he wanted to stay in shape so he gave running a shot. He saw an advertisement for the Blue Ridge marathon in Virginia, which is advertised as the toughest road marathon in the country. Avery had never run a marathon before signed up for the double marathon option – running the course twice. A friend warned that he could never finish it, yet Avery went on to be the youngest person ... Read More »

Social Anxiety Treatments With Cannabis

A growing number of the people who reach out to NORML Athletics to tell their story report forms of anxiety, especially in social situations. If everyone who wrote understood how common their condition is many would gain the confidence to be vulnerable. Some of you find success in treating the anxiety with cannabis. Some are curious if the plant’s psychologically affective properties could be helpful. Here’s our stance… Your issue is a common one. And there are at least thousands of others in the same boat. Cannabis can have physically relaxing effects. Choose what’s described as an indica dominant strain ... Read More »